About Me

I, Rajat Khanduja, am a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IIT Guwahati) currently working as a Software Engineer @Facebook

Geek. Procrastinator. A polyglot programmer who enjoys most of the development task. ML enthusiast. An avid reader.

To contact me, you could reach out to me on any of the social channels or email me at rajatkhanduja13 (at) (Google’s mailing service)

Besides this very site, my Horcruxes scattered around the web include…

  • My writings on life beyond computers, programming and mathematics at Outlet.
  • My respositories and open source contributions on Github
  • Collection of books I have read or plan to read at Goodreads
  • My stupid questions and attempt to answer others’ at StackOverflow
  • Answers, comments, writeups on Quora
  • A central developer profile at HackerEarth

About this blog

Discontinuing my older blog, I would be using this blog to report, chronicle and discuss my experiences with programming, computers and mathematics.

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