Migrating to Octopress

Now that I have a domain of my own and Github Pages are a good way to write and maintain a blog, I am trying to make a shift to Octopress based blogging. While I maintain (if 8-13 months of inactivity counts as maintaining) two blogs, Outlet and Technical Outlet, I would be dropping the latter and shifting here.

At the time of writing this article, I do have certain projects that I would like to write about.

  1. Integrating Docspad with HasJob

    More on this soon. Meanwhile, here’s the pull request for the same.

  2. Docspad Python SDK

    While working on the HasJob code, the need for such SDKs (more will follow) became clear.

  3. Android based Webcomics Reader

    As an avid Webcomics fan (my favorites being XKCD and SMBC, my first attempt at making an Android application revolves around the idea of making a single app for my favorite webcomics.

  4. Zero Knowledge Documents

    While I have not made any improvements up on the basic tool in a long time, it has served my purpose well enough for now.

But more on these topics later for now I have to go through the painful process of setting up a blog. No offence to any of the developers or contributors of Octopress, but any such setup is painful, only the magnitude varies. It has certainly been easy so far to get up and running, but there are several things I’d want on the site. Let’s see how that goes about. Maybe, this could be the subject of yet another post.

Here’s hoping for a better blogging future.