Finally, the site is up and ready! Now, all that remains is for me to make all this effort worthwhile and start blogging regularly.

The experience of setting up this blog, however, taught me a lot of things. Not just the lessons required to setup Octopress or this particular theme (Greyshade) or the DNS, but …. oh, who am I kidding, that’s the set of things I gained out of this entire experience. But they are not really worth sharing, except probably the incident where I ended up with an infinite loop of URL redirection because of an error in configuring the DNS!

So, this post will be less about the hows, but whys! Why did I choose Octopress (and Greyshade) and why do I expect this to be a good choice? That’s the question I will focus on.

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Now that I have a domain of my own and Github Pages are a good way to write and maintain a blog, I am trying to make a shift to Octopress based blogging. While I maintain (if 8-13 months of inactivity counts as maintaining) two blogs, Outlet and Technical Outlet, I would be dropping the latter and shifting here.

At the time of writing this article, I do have certain projects that I would like to write about. Read on →